Ostern / Easter

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some paper rabbits are sitting on a bench
Osterhase aus Papier
Easterbunnys / Papierosterhasen
Chickeneggs Easter, Shabby, Content, Brocante, Chic, Case, Sunglasses Case
G wie Gabriela
a basket with flowers sitting on top of a chair next to a sign that says love
G wie Gabriela
Flowers in a bag
a wreath made out of purple flowers sitting on top of a white wooden table next to a button
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Hortensienkranz, Hortensie, hydrangeas
cookies decorated with pink icing are on a white doily next to some twine
G wie Gabriela
Osterdekoration, easter decoration, bunnies, easterbunnies, osterhasen, osterhasenkekse recipe on my blog