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a dog is looking at santa claus in front of him with the caption that reads, amazona come to sei invocchilato capucciato, cappuce
a drawing of a christmas tree in a box with the words'et cambi de staglone du malle '
a candle is sitting in a glass jar
My Christmas Decorations - Star lanterns
two mason jars with stars on them sitting on a table
a candle is sitting in a jar with sheet music notes and a christmas tree on it
Addobbi Natale 2018: stili, tendenze e idee fai da te da copiare
two mason jars with musical notes on them and a candle in the shape of a heart
Judy Cockerton🇺🇦🕊 on X
Crafting Heaven: Handmade Crochet Angel Ornament Joy!
two balls of yarn sitting on top of each other with knitting needles sticking out of them
Hook & Needle Ornaments | JOANN
some metal bells are laying on the ground
How to Make Whimsical Acorn Bells for Imaginative Play