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a painting of a girl flying a kite over the ocean with seagulls around her
Tugeau 2 - Kelsey Buzzell
an image of a cartoon character hiding behind a giant seashell with shells on the ground
a person writing on a piece of paper surrounded by other items and things in the background
Si vous vous sentez seul-e dans la solitude, c'est que vous êtes en mauvaise compagnie
a person sitting at a desk in front of a painting and other items on the wall
(no title)
a black and white drawing of a girl standing in front of a tree with two other children
Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, illustrated by Chris... - illustration alcove
an artistic painting of a castle in the woods
an antique illustration of sea animals and shells
Image from page 96 of "Dictionnaire des sciences naturelles, dans lequel on traite méthodiquement des différens êtres de la nature, considérés soit en eux-mêmes, d'après l'état actuel de nos connoissances, soit relativement à l'utilité qu'en peuvent retir
a black and white drawing of a person with a cat
an old book with pictures of plants and animals
Crinoids, sea urchin (cidaridae), and Brittle...
Crinoids, sea urchin (cidaridae), and Brittle star. Paul Flanderky, from Brehms Tierleben (Brehm’s animal life) first volume, under the direction of Alfred Edmund Brehm, Leipzig & Vienna, 1918. (Source:
an old book with illustrations of lobsters and shells
The 40-Year-Old Hermit Crab
The 40-Year-Old Hermit Crab | Atlas Obscura
vintage seaside Retro, Vintage Beach, Vintage Children, Vintage Summer, Bucket And Spade, Vintage Art
vintage seaside