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an open book with flowers and birds on it's pages in front of a white background
Lire modifie notre cerveau et notre vie
a dandelion with snow flakes on it's head is shown in black and white
an orange and purple flower with green tips
MEANDERINGS on imgfave
some water droplets are on the leaves of plants with words in spanish and english above them
Dew on Shamrocks
some white flowers with the words in spanish
some pink flowers are in the middle of green plants and purple flowers on the other side
40 inspirations pour un jardin anglais
HOME & GARDEN: 40 inspirations for an English garden
some white flowers are in the middle of a field with red and black colors behind them
53 belles images qui vous feront voir la vie en rose... - JGalere.com
Japanese colors 中紅 nakabeni - Japanese has many words for colors. This is "Nakabeni" and means "purplish medium crimson".