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a toy giraffe laying next to a blue bib on a white blanket
DIY un bavoir baleine pour bébé
the stuffed animal is next to the teddy bear on the table with it's cut out
DIY Fabric Whale Plush Free Sew Patterns - 3 Sizes | Fabric Art DIY
a person holding a blue and white bag in their hands with another hand on it
Sac de plage....
Sac de plage.... - 3filles-et-dufil
a woman is holding a bag that has blue whale prints on it, while standing on a wooden floor
Mon tote bag géant
Lorsque mon regard a croisé ce tissu, mon coeur a fait boum, mon esprit a tout de suite imaginé un immense cabas pour la plage cet été ...
the instructions for how to make a diy project with fabric, scissors and buttons
Pour se reposer - InvictusCrea
Pour se reposer
a woman standing in front of a wall with a coat on her back and a bag over her shoulder
Manteau de portage pour hiver frisquet - Le monde d'Annie
Et pour ceux et celles qui ont envie de de se lancer, c'est très simple, et ça coûte trois fois rien (juste une petite couverture polaire et quelques boutons).
Dressmaking, Diy Clothing, Patron De Couture, Tuto Jupe, Sewing Clothes, Kids Couture
100% Ivanne S ou presque ... - Les mots doux ...
the woman is wearing a pink knitted cowl around her neck, and she has one hand on her face
snood point de riz
a white t - shirt with buttons that spell out the word, i love you
Make this as a onesie and give with the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Cute gift for a baby shower!
a white cloud shaped keychain hanging on a red door with a name tag
Cloudy Key Ring and some pics... - Over the MOon
Porte cles
there is a blanket and two balls of yarn next to each other on the bed
Lait Fraise Mag - Portail d'informations pour les parents
Diy : tricot spécial débutantes
a woman is holding up a colorful quilt
wood & wool harlequin blanket
wood & wool harlequin blanket
a woman standing next to a tree wearing a dress and tights with polka dots on it
Coming Soon – Along avec Anna
Pas à pas pour faire son patron et coudre la robe
a purse with scissors and other items in it
Instead of a sewing mach. cover how about the arm of a chair IMG_1924
a red bag sitting on top of a white chair next to a ball of yarn
DIY / Tuto : sac à tricot
*Tadaam !: DIY / Tuto : sac à tricot
two bags with stars on them are sitting next to each other, one is made out of burlap
L'atelier de Graine d'Envie
panière ou pot tissu étoiles
a woman standing in front of a brick wall wearing a white shirt with an intricate tie on it
transform a too-tight shirt in my wardrobe?
nid d'ange étoile by Clairette Tricote!
Clairette Tricote, (et autres petites choses avec ses 10 doigts)!
nid d'ange étoile by Clairette Tricote!
three different shots of plates and papers on the floor
DIY inspiration: try a modern version of the traditional patchwork blanket
a woman standing with her hands on her hips
Ma chemise kimono
DIY Blouse kimono. Written in French with photos, the pattern is a pdf download.
a red and white striped bird mobile hanging from a wall
Tuto porte-barrettes
Du fil et mon...: Tuto porte-barrettes couture facile
a baby wrapped in a blanket on the floor
Maggie's Crochet Patterns Beginner Easy - Expert Stitches Baby Afghan
Precious Knit Blankies for Baby : Maggie Weldon, Free Crochet Patterns
a white and gray blanket sitting on top of a wooden table
le plaid
Laine Himalaya Alpin Coloris gris perle, 8 pelotes, aiguille 6, point mousse Tissu Blanc étoilé gris "ma petite mercerie" 60 x 75 --------------------------- Phildar aviso perle 5 / aig 5,5 84 mailles