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an animated image of a red and orange liquid pouring from a faucet into a cup
Adibou - Pourquoi j'entends
Adibou - Pourquoi j'entends
an animated image of two children playing with bubbles
Adibou aventure - Pourquoi je sens les odeurs
Adibou aventure - Pourquoi je sens les odeurs
a child's hand is holding up a paper heart with white beads on it
5 senses Taste. Use egg cartons as teeth. Can also be used for dental hygiene lesson.
a bulletin board with different types of materials and words written on it, in french
Sur le thème des doudous... - Prépa'Materestelle
le toucher : tri de matériaux
a bulletin board with an image of a bird on it's face and words
Our Mr. Potato Head five senses interactive writing and 'craftivity'.
a white board with socks hanging on clothes pins and toys next to it that says what's in the sock?
Explore the 5 Senses! Make your five senses lesson a guessing game by hiding different objects in socks. Great for Pre-K to K school project, too.
a book cover with an image of a cartoon character
lesson plan for the book "Les 5 sens du petit chaperon rouge" (because she uses all five senses in the story) -- I haven't read the book but I like the ideas
a card with french words written in different languages and pictures of eyes, ears, hands
Comptine Mon visage - Comptine sur les 5 sens "Mon visage" illustrée
Retrouvez plein de comptines illustrées sur le corps et les cinq sens à imprimer. Comptine illustrée sur les 5 sens Mon visage
two children's handmade cards with the words, my five sensess hear sight and taste touch
What We’ve Been Up To…
five senses... Labeling and senses, both things we are covering this week.