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#yeosang #ateez #ateezyeosang #에이티즈 #여상
#yeosang #ateez #ateezyeosang #에이티즈 #여상
two people riding on the back of motorcycles
🪐 ateez kang yeosang [#ateez]
a baseball jersey with the number 8 on it is laying on a table next to a book
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seonghwa ateez selca
a woman laying in bed with her hand under her chin and looking at the camera
ateez seonghwa
a woman standing in front of a tree with her hands on her hips and looking at the camera
⏤͟͟͞͞Seongwha ☆
a person in a bear suit taking a photo with their cell phone on the street
a man sitting in a booth holding up a laptop
a young man is holding his hair in the air
#seonghwa #ateez
Boy Idols, Korean Men, Kpop Boy, Kpop Guys, Kpop Idol
a young man in a vest and tie making the vulcan sign with his hands while standing outside
a person holding a microphone and making the peace sign with their hands in front of an audience
· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Adorable Yeosang ATEEZ
a man in black shirt and jeans standing on wooden floor next to white wall with door