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a sewing machine sitting on top of a piece of cloth next to a red and white bag
Bolsita de retales multiusos
a close up of a towel on a table with a tag hanging from the side
Seife selber machen als Geschenkidee auf Smillas Wohngefühl
lavender soaps wrapped in burlocks and tied with twine
“ jabones artesanales y naturales....el respeto a la MadreNaturaleza ”. Un proyecto de sanie73 | Domestika
four trays filled with different types of food and spices on top of each other
Geschenkidee zu Weihnachten: Selbstgemachte Seifen - Charmee
a soap bar wrapped in twine with anise and star anise next to it
50 erstaunliche Geschenke, die Frauen im Jahr 2021 tatsächlich wollen
there are four bowls with yellow and white food in them on a blue tablecloth
Naturseifen selbst herstellen - der Ablauf
two pictures showing how to make homemade honeys with bread and other things on the table
Honigseife selbst machen - Seifen-Rezept & Anleitung
two plates with different types of food on them
Seife schmelzen - Anleitung & Seifenrezepte
the process for making paper houses is shown
DIY - Adventskalender Häuser aus Papiertüten - Leelah Loves
crochet evergreen tree ornaments with text overlay that reads, cork evergreen tree
Cork Pine Tree Crochet Patterns
three pillows sitting next to each other on top of a wooden table with text overlay
DIY Türstopffer selber nähen Klappernde Türen nerven, Türstopper helfen.
two hands holding yellow flowers with the words diy bienen - wuttener
10 DIY Geschenkideen aus Stoffresten
Anleitung: Stoffe mit Bienenwachs imprägnieren
Cleaning, Organisation, Diy Kits, Naaien, Hacks, Advent Diy, Beeswax, Household
Bienenwachstücher reinigen - so gehts!