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an old stone building with a clock tower on the top is surrounded by greenery and trees
Jenn + Jesse / Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding
a large white house with blue shutters on the front and side windows is shown
Oceanfront Colonial Shingle Style Beach House
Coastal Beach Style Stone House - Westerly, Rhode Island
a large white house surrounded by lush green grass and flowers in front of the entrance
light gray large cape cod beach house with a porch, black shutters, and hydrangeas front garden
A light gray shingled cape cod beach house mansion with a columned porch, black shutters, and hydrangeas front garden. Design: @windthekey Follow @windthekey for more design inspiration.
a large white house with lots of flowers in the front yard and trees around it
This white bayfront Cape Cod beach house gets a perfect score! 🏠 Design: @windthekey Click the link in our bio to visit our blog… | Instagram
a brown horse standing in front of a doorway with trees and bushes around it's sides
Equine Residences - Gregorian Architecture
Georgian architecture is my personal favorite and we hope you also find inspiration from the very real ways this time in history could be used in a barn designed/built today. I also love that horses play such an important character in the show, so this felt like there was a literal tie to where real and fantasy do connect in history and today. **THESE IMAGES ARE Al** **We are currently seeking copyrights on all material so while pending consider them copyrighted to Equine Residences ™️**