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a drawing of a ladybug holding a basket of hearts
three little pigs with bows on their heads sitting next to each other in front of a brick wall
there is a baby boy with teddy bears on it's back and the words beraxa written in blue
Baby Quilts, Decoupage, Teddy, Pin Doll, Dolls Handmade, Jun
a painting of a coffee pot and saucer with flowers
Resultado de imagem para pintura em tecido riscos de joão paulo
a painting of a little boy sitting on the ground with butterflies flying around him and looking up
a blue teddy bear sleeping on top of a cloud with stars around it and the moon in the sky
two baby bibs with cartoon characters on them
an elephant with a pink bow sitting on top of a white doily next to pearls
Resultado de imagem para riscos filo frigo pintura fralda
a painting of apples, pears, and grapes on a table with a bee flying by