A collection of images of beautiful and graceful Ballerinas. Ballerinas depicting the perfect combination of strength, grace, beauty, flexibility, artistry.
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a painting of a ballerina in front of a full moon
Julia on X
the ballerina is wearing a white tutu and posing in front of a mirror
three young ballerinas are posing in front of a window
two young ballerinas are practicing their moves in the dance studio while an adult watches
a woman in a purple dress is dancing with her arms out and legs spread wide
A Kindred Spirit
nature-and-culture: (via dancersaretheathletesofgod)
a young ballerina in pink tutu and leotard with her arms outstretched
a young ballerina is posing for the camera
a woman in a red and white tutu is holding her hand up to the side
kaleidoscope fashion
a young ballerina is posing for the camera
Ballet and dancing
a ballerina in pink tutu and ballet shoes
a ballerina in white tutu and ballet shoes
Swan Sveta Zakharova
the ballerina is dressed in pink and gold
Books and Art
Dancer Jillian Barrell stars in Ballet Arizona’s “Cinderella.” (2011).Barrell “has the right ingredients” to be Cinderella says artistic director Ib Andersen. This is her first starring role in a full-length ballet.Prokofiev’s score is one of the...