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two small crocheted teddy bears sitting next to each other on a wooden floor
Inspired: Milk & Mocha Bears
Inspired by @milkmochabear. Handcrafted with Love with Premium Acrylic Yarn. Featuring Milk in Mocha Hood and Mocha in Milk Hood. Milk & Mocha Bear is about 3.5” tall each As this item is handmade, the measurement may differ slightly.The hood can be made removable or fixed If you wish to attach a key ring with cl
a hand holding a small crocheted teddy bear
Inspired: Milk & Mocha Bears
two teddy bears are playing with each other in front of an open window and one bear is eating something
Milk & Mocha on Twitter
a brown bear hugging a white dog under a blanket with stars and moon in the background
two cartoon bears eating food together on a white background and one bear holding a piece of cake
two cartoon bears with numbers on the back and one bear holding its face to his chest