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a piece of paper that says non mi vai i don't feel like it
Italian Phrase of the Week: Non mi va! (I don't feel like it!) - Daily Italian Words
a piece of paper that says sei carino next to wine glasses and corkscrews
Italian Phrase of the Week: Sei carino! (You're cute!)
the words prima o poi are written in black and white on a beige background
italian chitchat (@italianchitchat) on X
an image of cooking utensils in italian
a person walking up some steps with a quote on the bottom right hand corner that reads, i priino passo non ti porta dove voie da toggie da dove sei
Il primo passo
the words in different languages are written on paper
the different types of letters and numbers are shown in this diagram, with each letter on it
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the words are written in different languages on a white sheet with red and green lettering
Pronomi personali riflessivi
a piece of brown paper with the word mersey written in black ink on it
italian for my girlfriend
a black and white photo with the words happy new year written in spanish on it
the words are written in spanish and have been changed to be english or italian,
a notepad with the word fiesta next to a cup of coffee
Italian Word of the Day: Occhio (eye)