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two pink flowers with green leaves are on the table next to each other and one has a diamond in it's center
Цветок из лент на резиночке\канзаши\МК
two pink flowers sitting on top of a table
Весенние зажимы для волос/Grampos de mola para cabelos .
three different colored flowers on a blue surface with pearls and beads in the middle one is pink, purple, and white
DIY ribbons flowers/Flor de la cinta 2.5 cm de ancho/Цветок из ленты 2.5 см
two different colored flowers sitting on top of a white blanket with the words marnah island channel
48# Cara membuat bros mawar 🌷 how to make beautiful roses brooch 🌼
two pink and white flowers are on a blue surface with green leaves in the middle
Ribbons rose and gipsophila/Rosa y gypsophila de cintas/Роза и гипсофила из лент
there are three different types of flowers being made with plastic roses and ribbon ribbons on the stems
How to make rose satin ribbon | DIY
three different colored roses with green leaves
DIY Roses || How to make satin ribbon flowers rose
two pink roses with green leaves are being held by someone's hand and ribbon
DIY/how to make satin ribbon flowers rose easy