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a painting of people surrounded by pink flowers
Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema
two women are in a flowery room with flowers all over the floor and one woman is laying down
Las rosas de heliogábalo Lawrence alma tadema
two women are surrounded by pink flowers in a room full of other people and one woman is laying down on the floor
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The Roses of Heliogabalu (1888), Detail by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
a painting with many people in the water
The First Art Newspaper on the Net
François Boucher (1703-1770), The Triumph of Venus, 1740.
an ornate painting on the ceiling of a building
a close up of a painting of a woman's face with long, wavy hair
a painting of a woman with long hair and birds on her head, flying in the sky
an image of a statue that has been altered to look like he is holding something in his hand
a painting of a woman in a pink dress sitting on a rock holding a box
Psyche by J.W. Waterhouse
the painting depicts cherubs, angels and other figures on a cloudy blue sky