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Upgrade Your Look With These 24pcs Square Shape Purple French-Style Design Wearable False Nails, Which Are Elegant And Chic For Daily Wearing. Press On Nails Nail Supplies
Purple Collar ABS Color Nails Embellished Nail,Hand & Foot Care
there is a cake with orange slices on it
Summertime Orange Almond Poppy Seed Cake with Almond Buttercream - Cake by Courtney
there is a plastic bag with strawberries in it on the table next to some plates
The 3 Products You Need for Summertime Cooking & Entertaining
#ad If you’re a mom like me, then you are probably running out of creative summer ideas right about now. Pool time! Play dates! Park visits! Family Baking Sessions! And still the kids complain that they are bored. I can offer up the 3 products you need for summertime cooking and entertaining that are sure to keep a smile on your family members’ faces. Dive into Zip Top, Roland Organic Soba Noodles, and RECIPE33 to keep the season filled with scrumptious munching. #Eats4SummerBBxx
Guava S’mores + Fire Safety
Guava S’mores + Fire Safety = Summertime fun! Check out these essential ingredients for s’mores and fire safety with @firstalertsafety EZ Fire Spray. #FirstAlertPartner#EZFireSpray #StopsFiresFast #FirstAlert This post is sponsored by First Alert.
a person pours orange juice into cups on a plate with grapefruit slices
Frozen Italian Paloma Pitcher — Bringing it Home