Kleine geschenke

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a glass jar filled with chocolate candies next to a sign that says riesen danke - schlen
Danke sagen
a woman holding two heart shaped waffles in her hands with flowers and spoons
DIY Samenbomben - Yeah Handmade
a jar filled with pasta sitting on top of a wooden table
Vorratsdose mit Spruch
a person holding a toothpick over a jar
Kerze für den Campingabend
an open pink box with some kind of candy in it
three orange plastic bottles with blue and white tags on them, tied to each other
Kleines Abschiedsgeschenk für alle die „Fanta-stisch“ sind
there are many different colored rubber bands in the bag on the table with confetti
Kleine Geschenke für die Gäste an Silvester - DIY
some coins are in a plastic bag on a wooden surface with the words,'million state set '
Millionär-Starter-Set zum Geburtstag