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an octopus made out of toilet paper sitting on top of a wooden table next to a cup
5 Budget-Friendly Crafts for Kids to Make
a classroom door decorated with fish and seaweed
Fun in First Grade
"O-fish-ally in first grade" - What a cute idea for door decor! We love the use…
two colorful paper fish hanging from strings on a white wall with an instagramr below
1ier avril : les poissons contorsionnistes
1ier avril : les poissons contorsionnistes
a stack of cloths sitting on top of a wooden chair next to each other
princess and pea3
Have to remember to make some of these for the craft show, so adorable! Princess and the pea. the foundation is a large matchbox and you store the doll inside.
a colorful fish mobile hanging from a string
160 idées de Mes creas pour les kids | bricolage maternelle, artisanat de garderie, activité de paques
Un petit poisson bricolé avec les enfants, avec des pailles et un pic à brochette. #poisson #bricolage http://pinterest.com/fleurysylvie/mes-creas-pour-les-kids/