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a sign that reads how is it possible that out of all the grandkids in the world, i have the best ones?
a pink heart with the words i'm not a perfect grandma, but i hope my grandkids know i love them with everything i've got
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My Nickname Is “ Nani “ But My Full Name Is “ Nani Nani Nani Nani Nani” Funny Gift Tapestry | My Full Name Is Nani Nani Nani
a pink background with the words grandma is always a grandmother no matter how many times you break her heart, she never stops worrying
A grandma is always a grandmother...
the words grandparents are parents without rules written in black on a white background with stars
an elephant holding a baby in its arms with the words, my happy place is with my grandkids
two elephants are touching each other with the caption grandmahood it's not a hobby, it's a calling its not something to do if you can squeeze the time in
the words best nant ever written in black and white on a white sticker
Best Nani Ever Grandma Gift Sticker
a teddy bear holding a pink heart with the words i love you written on it
Our precious grandkids 💖
a poem written in black and white with an ornate border around it that reads granddaughter
a metal plaque that says, i love you
winnie the pooh quote with sunflowers, butterflies and other things in it