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black and white photograph of two hands holding each other
Can We Be Lovers and Not Have Sex? A New Take on "Lover" Relationships | elephant journal
The Space between yours fingers is filled with mine... Love.
an old woman sitting on a couch with a guitar in her lap and the words three things are timeless music, grace, and true beauty
Caregiver Support & Resources | A Place for Mom
♥ old people with passion I love old people. I wish I could do something for them one day.
two hands holding a plant with dirt on it and soil in the palm, against a black background
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Textures in black & white | Photocrowd Photo Contests
a black and white photo of a person's hand holding up the middle finger
Learning days
Learning days
an old person's hands holding something in their left hand, black and white photograph
YellowKorner : Art photography limited edition, framed art photo
two hands holding each other with the words, remember your creator in the days of your youth