Food Photography Behind the Scenes

Get a behind-the-scenes peak at the food photography business! Here, you’ll find insight into how I do food photography, from lighting to composition, food…
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Filming Making a Cocktail
If it’s hot where you are... you need to make a blue margarita! Recipe: 2oz Tequila 1oz Lime Juice ½ oz Agave Syrup ½ oz Blue Curaçao Shake over ice until cold, serve in a margarita glass rimmed with chili salt! Filmed on the Sony A7Siii Find me here: • • IG: @lauren.c.short
APERTURE The aperture diaphragm is an opening in a lens. It controls how much light passes through onto the camera’s sensor by changing how wide its opening is. The aperture setting adjusts the size of this opening, and it’s measured in “f-stops”. Ready to take manual mode to the next level? Check out my e-course Manual Mode Master! Find me here: • • IG: @lauren.c.short
Small Details Make All The Difference
In food photography, the small details make all the difference, every element you add tells your story. In this shot we started with the bowls, added the cloth, the cutlery, the sprinkle of seeds and rocket, the jug of olive oil for context, and finally the perfect hand shot (because who wouldn’t want to eat this!?) We spent time taking several shots of different hand poses to see what worked best with the angle, the light and the food. Find me here: • • IG: @lauren.c.short
Shoot For Success
In this foundational course, we'll cover all the important basics to start your food photography journey off on the right foot. Sign up for this course at
a person holding a video camera with the words focal length explaining how to use it
Focal Length
Take a look at my blog post on Focal Length to learn everything you need to know about it relating to food photography. Find me here: • • IG: @lauren.c.short
Choosing Food Photography Lenses
To learn how to choose food photography lenses check out my blog at Find me here: • • IG: @lauren.c.short
Hard Light Shoot Preview
A preview of a hard light shoot that I did! Find me here: • • IG: @lauren.c.short
Behind the Scenes Lighting Setup for Food Photography
For me, one of the best ways to learn how to do something, is to SEE someone do it, step by step, and then be able to try it out myself, and tweak as I go. It just makes more sense when you can see the whole picture (no pun intended), including the setup around the final shot. When I was thinking about my new course, Food Exposed, all about artificial lighting (coming on Monday!), I knew that as well as teaching you all the ins and outs of flash like the technical setup, the gear, how to set exposure etc... I wanted to give you more. So I decided to include 8 shoots in completely different lighting styles (a little preview above!) to take you behind the scenes of my flash setup for each one. Included is: * A low-key dark and moody shot * Overhead (flatlay) lighting * A high-key b
Multi Light Drink Setup
Want a sneak peek of one of the live shoots included with the Food Exposed course? In this tutorial, we go through a 3 point multi light setup to create a dramatic, vibrant Negroni shot! This is one of 8 video flash demonstrations included in the Food Exposed course, which is available to join now.
Overhead Lighting | Behind the Scenes of Food Photography
Here is a behind the scenes look at how I approach overhead lighting for my food photography. I talk you step by step through my process. You can learn more through my course food exposed: The Complete System You Need To Master Artificial Light For Your Food Photography. Link Below:
Hard Light Set Up | Food Photography
Get a sneak peek 🤫 at my overhead lighting setup for food photography This is a preview of another one of 8 (!!) live shoot demonstrations included in my new artificial light course - Food Exposed. In each of these demos, I'll take you through my: 📸 Camera Settings ⚡ Flash Settings 💡 Lighting Setup 🖥️ Tethering flow
Behind the Scenes of Food Photography
Another peek at one of the behind the scenes shoots you get when you buy my new book “The Complete Guide to Food Photography”. @foodphotographyacademy students also have all these videos available now in Food Composed!
a camera and tripod set up in front of a window
The Best Camera Angles for Food Photography
Food Photography Flatlay overhead example behind the scenes