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a bunch of animals that are in the shape of faces on a white background with black dots
Shop — M I N P I N
a pink and white fabric with an image of a hedge on the front, surrounded by pineapples
Beautiful Pink Pattern Design for Branding Packages
There's no way you won't peek a second time! Inspiration from earth's wildlife makes @bodiljane's Tissue a standout piece. Take a look at Inspo for more branding work!
some animals are standing in the middle of a train with sheep on it's back
Illustration - Carly Gledhill illustration
five finger puppets in different colors and sizes
Images — Rob Hodgson Illustrator and Author
an image of apples with different colors on them
Prevention September 2014
Editorial illustrations for the feature on apples in Prevention magazine, September 2014 issue.
Caitlin Mee
Caitlin Mee
an image of apples and oranges drawn with crayon pencils on paper
LK JAMES — illustration & design
apples illustration LK James
a jar filled with lots of strawberries on top of a table
איור ספרי ילדים | איור משחקים | פוסטרים לחדר ילדים
Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 11.01.54 | illustrations
an old tin can with some stickers on it's lid that says, chocopasta kwata
four different shapes with the words circle, triangle, square, and heart
Yaya Studio Happy Shapes Art Print
four different colored tape stacked on top of each other with the words e - red printed on them
Ed Red
a drawing of leaves, berries and stars on a white background with the words hello
Get more from cheyenne barton on Patreon
four bags with different designs on them
Present & Correct
Present & Correct
Present & Correct
an old flora container with red flowers and green leaves on the lid sits on a white surface
the Design Museum on Twitter
a lunch box sitting on top of a red brick floor next to a yellow and blue polka dot pattern
an assortment of colorful pieces of art hanging on a wall with text overlay that reads, how to make paper collages
Hey Maca
an orange ink drawing of two mushrooms
Liana Jegers
a flower market poster with tulips and other flowers
Amsterdam flower market
an illustration of vegetables with faces drawn in watercolor and ink on paper, including carrots, radishes, celery, broccoli, avocado, beet, spinach
Happy Veggies Vegetable Print
Not On The High Street
Not On The High Street
a group of children's faces are shown in different colors and sizes, with one child
many different colored faces are arranged on a wooden surface, with one person's face in the middle
Audrey and Illya
Oak Print Design
Oak Print Design
many different types of ceramic animals are on display
Ceramics — M I N P I N
the book has an image of vegetables and spices on it, including carrots, onions, peppers, garlic
Building a brand for Tinybop
nyc designer inspiration art graphic design collage flat graphic shape colorful haagse kookboek book cover cook
two people are working on an art project
léa courvoisier
léa courvoisier
four different pieces of art made out of colored paper
colorful paper insects are arranged on a white surface
HAMMAmama Blog
HAMMAmama Blog
several cards with cut out animals on them and scissors in the middle one is pink
Laura Blythman . Design + Illustration Studio
Veronica Kristiansen
Veronica Kristiansen
a woman's head with flowers in it
Illustration for Self Magazine
three paper pinwheels with black and white striped straws next to each other
Make it a Party with Summer Fun Printables
Make it a Party with Summer Fun Printables | Handmade Charlotte
paper plates, forks, and napkins are arranged on a table with colorful flowers
Make it a Party with Summer Fun Printables
Make it a Party with Summer Fun Printables | Handmade Charlotte