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two lego figurines sitting next to each other on top of a table in the dark
Lego Overwatch Bastion minifigure MOC with tutorial
a lego robot that is standing up on a stand with two swords in it's hands
Bricks rain from above! - The Brothers Brick
a lego figurine is holding two knives and an orange object with the words merry written on it
Overwatch: Angela Ziegler "Mercy" (improved version)
an action figure made out of legos with the words attaway on it
Transcend normal LEGO building techniques with Zenyatta from Overwatch - The Brothers Brick
two lego action figures are posed in front of a wall with an arrow on it
Overwatch hanzo
an image of a building made out of legos
Bob Overwatch, Custom Lego, Lego Design, Character Building, Lego Ideas
LEGO Overwatch Ashe and BOB moc
legos are lined up in front of each other on a white surface with grey background
LEGO Overwatch characters on a macro scale - The Brothers Brick
a lego robot that is standing next to another robot
balderich 05
Bionicle Heroes, Lego Sculptures
LEGO Overwatch Reinhardt enters the battlefield - The Brothers Brick