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Por que se você precisa dizer algo, faça-o com glamour. {Because if you need to say something, do it with pizzazz .}
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a red and white poster with the words kill lying it on it's side
Polished Prints - Trendy clothing for moms, kids, and babies
killing it
a neon sign with the word ok spelled in it's letters on a white wall
Make More, Doing Less, Being YOU
a neon sign that says everything is connected
this is the sign you've been looking for in front of a brick wall
a neon sign that says you fine rare mess
the words relax, you will be okay written in black on a pale pink background
inspirational quote #life
the letter k is made up of neon lights and letters that spell out it's name
there is a neon sign that says you're looking gorgeous today
Daily inspiration for you to take life by the ball on www.ddgdaily.com
a sign that reads, my mind is like my internet browser 19 tabs open 3 of them are frozen & i have no idea where the music is coming from
One Word, Patches, Print Pins, Prints, T Shirt, Print
a neon sign that says amour on the side of a building in paris
I Love Paris