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the cover of matissee lithograpes - faux fortes by caler eden maquet
'Expo 64 - Galerie Adrien Maeght' Collectable Print - Henri Matisse |
Expo 64 - Galerie Adrien Maeght Collectable Print by Henri Matisse at
the cover of an album with red ink on white paper and black lettering that reads,'foundation mabert saint paul - fevre d '
Fondation Maeght - Affiche expo Claude Garache, 1974
a black and white drawing of a man's face
Henri Matisse, “Jeune étudiant de profil” (Junger Student im Profil), Aquatintaradierung auf BFK Rives 1952
a black and white drawing of a woman's face with one eye closed on the other side
Henri Matisse | Large Face (Mask) | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Grand Visage (Masque) Henri Matisse (French, Le Cateau-Cambrésis 1869–1954 Nice)
an abstract painting of a woman's torso in red
Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris
Dans la couleur de Garache
a drawing of a naked man with red hair and no shirt sitting in front of a white background
Visitez les galeries d’art et des musées à Aix
claude garache -gouache
a red and white drawing of two people hugging each other with one arm around the other
a drawing of a flower on a white background
[Camellia II, from Suite of Plant Lithographs, 1964-65 Transfer lithograph© Ellsworth Kelly and Maeght Editeur, Paris Collection of Jordan D. Schnitzer]
black and white photograph of two people walking past a sculpture
Cartier-Bresson, fotógrafo y anarquista
Henri Cartier-Bresson #2
a statue is standing in the middle of a courtyard with trees and fog behind it
Fondation Maeght
Foundation Maeght, Provence, France.
an advertisement for the exhibition called coller floches in paris, on display at the musee de ferme
Galerie Maeght Paris Calder
an abstract painting with red, white and purple colors
LES CHANTS DE L'AUBE IX sold by Artcurial – Briest, Poulain, F. Tajan, Paris, on Monday, December 15, 2008
a drawing of a black bear with red, blue and green stripes on it's chest
Buy and Sell - Peter Max, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann
JOAN MIRO - LA RANA/ THE FROG Size: 10 X 12 INCHES Year: 1978 Medium: LITHOGRAPH Edition: HC Description: Original color lithograph. Printed by Maeght (Paris) and published by Cuadernos Guadalimar, Madrid. Additional images available upon request. Please contact - (305)932-6166 for pricing.