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a wooden bench sitting in front of a wall with two hooks on it's side
Kontakt: holzwurm8076@gmx.de Unser neuster Streich :o) Eine schlichte Garderobe ... , #eine ...
a dresser with flowers painted on the drawers and white fur rug in front of it
Enchantment Dresser Dupe
a pink shelf with two potted plants on it and a chair in the background
How to turn a chair into a garden planter and a shelf
an old bench turned into a coat rack
DIY Bed Coat Rack | Bunk Bed
a blue chair sitting next to a potted plant on top of a wooden table
Add a touch of the extraordinary into your home 🦄🤩
At Emma J Shipley, we create timeless, captivating treasures that tell a story. Taking inspiration from myths, legends and the unique beauty of the natural world, Emma draws each intricate design by hand before they’re printed onto the highest-quality materials. ✍️🐘 The result is wildly fantastical, exotic, and unapologetically maximalist pieces that fill any space with an otherworldly sense of wonder. 🌈💫
Diy, Trunk Makeover
I think they call it a Ta-Dah..
a wooden crate filled with lots of gardening utensils
Хранение садового инвентаря
a table made out of wooden planks sitting on top of a hard wood floor
DIY Console Table
a small wooden table with flowers in a vase on top
Solid Rustic Handmade Pine side/lamp/end table, finished in a Chunky Country Oak (mk1) (Medium Oak, 70cm High)
mason jar sconces are hanging from the wall with string lights on them, and one is made out of wood
20+ Of The Best Mason Jar Projects