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a bathroom with marbled walls and black counter tops, two plants in gold vases on the floor
Master Marble Walk-In Shower Room
As our co-founder Michele always says, “If you don’t love marble, you don’t love life”. In this room, we replaced the bath with a walk-in shower room to give more space and a hotel-vibe. We used black marble flooring to create contrast and depth which really made the arabescato marble walls POP! We love to use plants in our projects as green is a calming neutral tone that breathes life into a space; these luscious snake plants are perfect for adding a pop of colour. marblewall #marblefl
two vases are sitting on the shelf in front of a marbled bathroom wall
Features Archive - Hubert Zandberg Interiors
Maybe for the upstairs bath??
a glass sink and faucet in a white room with no one around it
#Architecture #design #minimalist
a modern bathroom with wood paneling and white fixtures, including a large mirror over the toilet
guest toilet
Akhunov Architects, guest toilet / гостевой туалет / Дизайн интерьера в Перми и не только
a bathroom with a sink, toilet and plants in vases on the counter top
Casa térrea que privilegia os espaços de convívio e lazer
two pictures of the same floor and one has a cup on it with a name tag
ADVANTIX VARIO Stainless steel shower channel By Viega Italia | design ARTEFAKT
an image of a bathroom that is being viewed on the facebook page, with other images
Interior Bathroom Design Photos For Inspiration
Interior Bathroom Design Photos For Inspiration