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a painting of a city street with tall buildings and palm trees in the foreground
three meerkats are holding champagne glasses in their hands
meerkat party
three meerkats standing around a beer bottle with peanuts in front of them
meerkat party
a red fish with words on it that read, fish says fock you all
a wooden table sitting in front of a white wall with writing on the wall above it
Fotograf Therese Bruno Romell
two wiener dogs standing next to each other on yellow and red paper with black border
XL sausage dog
a woman wearing sunglasses and holding two slices of watermelon in front of her face
Instagram Star Aureta Thomollari Never Travels with Less Than Five Pairs of Sunglasses
an advertisement with neon colors on the side of a building that says, allixetity
MISHKO Fall 2019 Selected Works
MISHKO Fall 2019 Selected Works on Behance