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a large white circular object hanging from the ceiling in an industrial building with exposed ceilings
Georges Rousse
Georges Rousse, Meisenthal 2002, 2002 © Georges Rousse / ADAGP
two people standing in front of a castle with yellow lines on the walls and walkways
#P# 2018年04月26日-法国卡尔卡松,民众在... 来自XavierWu - 微博
#P# 2018年04月26日-法国卡尔卡松民众在瑞士艺术家Felice Varini创作的圈圈阵古城堡上玩耍摄影师Armando Babani 分享自@iWeekly周末画报
two pictures of the same room in different stages of being used as an art project
Anamorfosi regolare #tapetapetape
an empty room with blue lines on the wall and wood flooring in front of it
the great big anamorphic projections, images, illustrations thread
Anamorphosis is a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image. This is an artistic technique that dates back to the early Renaissance.
an art gallery with colorful paintings on the walls and floor, in front of a large circular window
Las Vegas 2016
Vue de côté de l'installation Las Vegas 2016
an art installation in the middle of a large room with multiple colored walls and floors
George Rousse: anamorphoses
George Rousse : anamorphoses Incompréhension de l'espace...