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an older man with tattoos on his chest and arms standing in front of a police officer
Missing Japanese mafia boss arrested after tattoos go viral
Shigeharu Shirai was arrested during a shopping trip on Wednesday
two story houses with balconies and blue doors
Construcciones adaptadas a la sociedad actual
Construcciones adaptadas a la sociedad actual – Mardelbox
there is no image here to provide a caption for in this case, it is an empty room
a hand holding a tube of glue in front of a white wall with vertical stripes
an image of a computer screen that is open to the webpage and has been edited
Fullscreen capture 3152012 20919 PM
an electrical device attached to the side of a metal structure with wires and plugs
the inside of a house being remodeled with wood flooring and walls stripped off from drywall
two men are digging in the dirt near a ladder
an old wooden step ladder leaning against a wall
the corner of a window with some paint on it
an open window on the side of a wall in a room that is being renovated
Installing a door frame in a shipping container | A Shipping Container House in Panama