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Avoid these TWO mistakes when wearing your abdominal binder postpartum
Don’t make this mistake ❌ Abdominal binders can be AMAZING to reduce pain and improve mobility postpartum, especially after a cesarean delivery BUT, incorrectly wearing your binder can actually make pelvic floor symptoms worse by causing excessive pressure to be place down onto the pelvic floor I typically recommend weaning from the binder by 6 weeks postpartum Did you find an abdominal binder helpful postpartum?
Postpartum Bathroom Caddy
Postpartum bathroom essentails from a 3rd time momma!
Postpartum Tips
a person is holding an electric toothbrush in front of a white wall with the words clean your elvee on it
Elvie Pump Tip: How to Remove the Elvie Hub Clip - Deep Cleaning
Elvie Pump Tip: How to Remove the Elvie Hub Clip - Deep Cleaning - YouTube
Amazon Baby Clothes, Neutral Baby Clothes, Baby Clothes, Newborn Outfit, Baby Outfits, Newborn Baby Girl Outfit
Baby Girl fashion from Amazon 🎀
the best meals to prep and freeze before baby are in bags, including muffins,
Meals to Prep + Freeze Before Baby
Getting ready for your baby's arrival? Here are some healthy meals and snacks that you can prep and freeze in advance to make those first few weeks a bit easier! #eatingbirdfood
a pregnant woman holding a smoothie in her hand and the words how to get your milk
5 Important Things To Do in Your Third Trimester To Ensure Breastfeeding Success | The Postpartum Cure
a white cart filled with baby items next to a lamp
Newborn baby bed side cart
Bedside cart, newborn essentials, newborn baby items, baby items, diaper pail, baby must haves, baby needs
three bags of strawberries are sitting on the counter
Perfect Breast Feeding Latch Breastfeeding Latch, Breastfeeding Help, Baby Care Tips, Breastfeeding Moms
Perfect Breast Feeding Latch
a baby wrapped in a pink blanket sleeping on top of a bed with the words drop your middle of the night pumping session
How to Drop Middle of the Night Pumping Sessions in 4 Easy Steps