Point croix

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a needleed picture of two gnomes pulling a sleigh with a dog
two cross stitch gnomes on skis in the snow
a cross stitch picture of a boy driving a toy car
Broderies d'enfances - Les broderies de Chantal
the cross stitch pattern shows two children playing with their dogs
Cocottes - Le petit nid d'isy
a basket with a sign hanging from it's side
a cross stitch picture frame sitting on top of a table
Maisonnettes sur la colline - "Tout en Douceur adore les petites croix"
a small book with an image of two children on the cover and a button attached to it
Des petites croix pour un grand bonheur ... - Douce campanule
a shelf that has some pictures on it
a cross stitched picture with a mouse peeking out of a small wooden house and the words je suis la nuage written in french
���� #80 - ������� �� ��������� - pedak
a cross - stitch pillow with a dog on it sitting next to buttons and other items