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a swiss army knife next to a carving of a man's face on a piece of wood
Victorinox International | Victorinox Homepage
a person holding a carved wooden object in their hand
a stone mask is hanging on the side of a brick wall, with an evil looking face
Garden Ornaments Manufacturer | Cotswold Marble | Moreton-in-Marsh
Have a look at this Gargoyle/Garden Ornament Kevin with Cold page from the Gargoyle Ornaments department at Marble Inspiration
a stone sculpture of a demon's head with big eyes and mouth, on a white wall
JOIN ART GRADE 5 NEWSELA CLASS QUIZLET ON ILLUMINATED LETTERS ELEMENTARY ART FLASHCARDS We tend to call any piece of architectural sculpture that depicts animals a gargoyle. St…
a white sculpture of an old man with a beard and moustache
Sculptures - for Uli Meyer Studios
Commissioned sculptures done by myself for the Monster Mania project at Uli Meyer Studios.
a close up of a face on a stone wall
a person holding up a wooden carving with faces and numbers on it's sides
three blocks with faces carved into them
Small Faces by Steve Coughlan
an image of some wood carvings with different faces on each side and one in the middle
five carved wooden faces are shown on the sides of each piece of wood, and one is
"Never Walk Alone" These five spirits of the forest will always help you on your way. The cane measures a hair over 35 inches from the bottom to the top of the handle. The handle is 5½ inches long. Signed and dated: N. Tuttle 12/3/13