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several hearts hanging from a tree branch
a group of children's drawings on wooden frames
an image of a scarecrow hanging in the window with his arms out and hands out
24 Ideias de Decorações e murais para o Carnaval
24 Ideias de Decoração e murais para o Carnaval 2020
two tinkered clowns hanging from strings on a white wall, one wearing a hat and the other holding a pair of scissors
an animal made out of rope and yarn with eyes on it's head, sitting on top of a red surface
Nach vielen Werkenstunden und ganz viel Geduld meiner Erstklässler entstanden diese schönen gewebten EulenEs wurden auf eine rechteckige Pappedie oben und unten zackig geschnitten wareinfach … Tejidos, Tricot, Kinder, Handarbeit
Ideen fur deine nachste Handarbeit | Nahen und Stricken
an owl is hanging on the wall with some string attached to it's back
the paper dachshunds have been made to look like they are wearing sweaters
some food is laying out on a table with leaves and acorns around it