Maisonnettes pour mes fillettes

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two children are playing in a small structure made out of sticks
A Hand-Woven Retort to the Plastic Playhouse (Published 2013)
woven willow structures | Hand-Woven Retort to the Plastic Playhouse -
an outhouse with the words do small things with great love on it and trees in the background
Page not found | Homes To Love
jeux cabanne
a white dog house with the door open and a bed in it's side
tiny backyard house
a small patio with a table and chairs on the porch area next to a tree
Seasonal Decorating
a small white house with flowers and decorations on the front door, sitting in grass
two children playing on a wooden play house in the woods with a slide and swing set
three pictures of the inside of a shed with furniture and accessories in it, including an open door
Outdoor Playroom
an outdoor living area with a couch, table and ladder in the middle of it
a small white house with green shutters and a red door
a small yellow house with flower pots on the front door and window boxes in the back
a doll house with a pink door and green window boxes on the front porch is decorated in pastel colors
a small white shed with a yellow door and some lights on the side of it
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