Data Science

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the dashboard screen is displaying data and information
Dashboard Design: 50+ Brilliant Examples and Resources
Dashboard Design: 50+ Brilliant Examples and Resources
Designing Effective Step-by-Step Process
Designing Effective Step-by-Step Process – Prototypr
two screens showing the location and location options for an app, with icons displayed on them
Gillde - Resources & Inspirations for Creatives
an iphone screen with the visa card on it
small-001.jpg by Huy Nguyen
three pricing tags with the same price for each item, one is orange and white
Day030 Pricing - interior design
Day030 Pricing - #Day030 #Pricing
an image of a large poster with circles on the bottom and bottom, in different colors
System of System part 1 by Wenni Zhou
four circles with numbers on each side for infos, presentations and presentation design template
bubble layout - Google-Suche
an abstract background with circles and dots in blue, red and white colors on a white background
Eyeo Data Visualization sketch
Eyeo Data Visualization
an abstract poster with circles and dots in blue, pink, and purple colors on it
5 Principles of Great Infographic Design
Universo de emociones
the graph shows that vehicles involved in fatal crashes have been compared to each other by year
Here's What a Year in Fatal Car Crashes Looks Like
Fatal Car Accidents, 2010
an open book showing information about the different types of objects on it's cover
Konzeption & Gestaltung
Konzeption & Gestaltung - Katrin Schacke
a close up of a skateboard with the words marke on it
Konzeption & Gestaltung
Branded Interactions – Design by Katrin Schacke »Branded Interaction Design« – Ratgeber für Designer und Agenturen
the power clusterer is shown in colorful circles with dots and lines on each side
the top ten energy companies in the world, according to their company's growth
Data Sucks, Says Who? 16 Creative Data Visualization Techniques to Showcase Your Numbers
Renewable Energy Goals- Data visualization