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an apple made out of newspaper paper with green and yellow leaves on the inside, sitting on top of a pile of newspapers
three colorful fish made out of string on white background, each with different shapes and sizes
Herbstdekoration - In 2020 | Basteln Herbst, Basteln 29C
Basteln | Herbst | Selfmade
an art project with four different colored leaves on the same square, one is red and green
Herfstblad glas in lood creatie.
an art project with different pictures of mushrooms
three pieces of paper cut out to look like fall leaves
three different pictures with orange and black designs on them, one has a leaf in the middle
a collage of a tree with purple, green and blue colors in the background
Baum im Nebel von Jenni (8) | Labbé Kinderseiten
two cards with leaves and animals on them