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two men in red vests are playing instruments with their dogs on the side of a mountain
Zermatt: Holidays in Switzerland & the Alps
four women in kilts are holding baseball bats and drinking tea from mugs on the grass
Music instrument
traditional musical instruments of switzerland - Google Search
Richly decorated Appenzeller cow bells © photo Erwin Tours of Switzerland Tours, Bollywood, Farm Tour, Hills, Farm Visit, Farm, Switzerland Tour, Mountains
Appenzellerland First Hand Tour - Switzerland
The Appenzell region boasts fairytale hills, artfully painted houses, living culture and local delicacies. Take a day in Appenzellerland to enjoy centuries-old culture and traditions still being lived out all around you today.
a man walking in the snow with a large bird on his head
"Silvesterchlausen" is a Living Tradition of Switzerland
a woman in an old fashioned dress holding a large instrument
a young boy is standing next to a cow with a wreath on it's head
Almabtrieb, Allgäu, Bavaria - via facebook/German Culture
there is a giant snowman on top of a broom
Switzerland: The Böögg has spoken…
Switzerland: The Böögg has spoken... It’s bad news, I’m afraid. This year, the Böögg’s head took ages to explode. And it fell off first. But let’s start at the beginning… Monday was Sechseläuten here in S…
a man dressed as a clown sitting in front of a group of people
several people dressed in costumes walking through the snow
a woman dressed in costume walking down the street
The Appenzell Silvesterkläuse Celebrations Urnäsch
three people are dressed up as plants in front of a house with snow on the ground
a person in costume walking down the street
Silvesterchlause 🎉✨
a person dressed up like a scarecrow in the snow with lots of leaves on their head
CH AR Waldstadt / Schwellbrunn SYLVESTERCHLAUSEN 2019 am Alten Sylvester
a statue of a man with a cane stands in the middle of a grassy area