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black and white drawing of many different things hanging from it's sides, including beads
an abstract pattern with many different colors and shapes on white paper, including lines and dots
an artistically designed piece of art on a wooden surface
someone is drawing something with colored pencils on the table
Inspired by Helen Williams Prismacolor & Staedtler pigment liner #zentangleinspi...
a black and white drawing of a feather with lots of feathers on the tail,
a spiral notebook with an artistic design on it
Art Journal - Leafy Elegance
two black and white feathers are shown on a piece of paper with an ink pen
Examples of Zentangle Project
a drawing of a feather with some writing on it and two markers next to it
62 ideas zentangle art dibujos mandalas for 2019
a spiral notebook with black and white designs on the cover sitting on a wicker basket
Intricate Doodles and Zentangle