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Ready, set, make! Craft ideas for kids, DIY projects for your home, homemade gift ideas. You'll find all these DIY projects and crafts right here.
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DIY Clothing Labels
Handmade knit pieces take time to make 👏
DIY Dried Flower Arrangement
Which dried flower arrangement is your favorite? 💐
DIY Knitting Patterns
The statement piece you’ve been looking for 😍 Find more patterns in Ranti’s Etsy shop woolandthegang
DIY Wooden Coasters
Trust the process 🦆 Wies from Etsy shop sowiesowies showing off her creativity with the most clever DIY.
DIY Punch Needle Cushion
Learn to punch needle with this 'all you need' cushion cover kit from Etsy shop homeyintentions 🥑
How to Fold and Wear a Silk Scarf
Which folding style is your favorite? You can wrap and fold Etsy seller Lechalebleu’s intricate silk scarves in countless ways ✨
DIY T-Shirt Tote Bag
The best part about this DIY tutorial from Etsy shop denaliartstudio is that you don’t need to sew anything! Just grab an old t-shirt and get to crafting✂️
Can you guess what Etsy seller dashaparadoks is organizing? New pieces are coming to her Etsy shop DashaParadoksHM today 📚
Crochet Pizza
Earn the title of ‘most-fun gift giver’ with this cute crochet pizza play set - perfect for a budding little chef in your life 👩‍🍳 Find yours from Etsy shop letsyarnoverover
Hand-Carved Stamps
Koi Garden’ is hand-printed from a collection of hand-carved stamps on recycled card stock by Jennifer of Etsy shop ginkgozee. Pro tip - if you love her work don’t snooze. She sells out fast 🔥
Easy Hack for Wearing Two Necklaces
This necklace hack is what we need to up our gold jewelry game
Colorful Tufting Rugs
Fight the winter grey with colorful rugs 🌈 I'm in love with every one of Etsy shop's unique pieces. tufting, rugs, tufting techniques
a woman holding a pink coffee mug with the words 12 things you'll finally have time for now that etsy's gift mode is here
12 Things You'll Finally Have Time for Now That Etsy's Gift Mode Is Here
Now that Gift Mode is here and has made finding the perfect presents for your loved ones faster and easier than ever, you probably aren't sure what to do with all those extra hours not spent shopping for others. Well, it's finally time to dust off those long-tabled hobbies or find some fun new ones to try—and to help get you started, we've curated a list of activities so you can make the most of your new life of leisure. Ready to dive in?
Beaded Embroidery
Mesmerizing work by Etsy shop aferahandmade. Add this hand-embroidered piece on a gallery wall or as a stand alone piece in your space. embroidery, beaded embroidery
Candle Making
Embracing imperfection one day at a time. Thanks for sharing the little mishaps with us Etsy seller petaledecire ✨
Making Ceramic Matcha Bowls
Elevate your morning matcha experience with this thoughtfully wheel-thrown set by Etsy shop ceramicarene 🍵
Festive Painted Sourdough
Leave it to Allison of lovealldesignco to bake the most festive sourdough we've ever seen 🎄
Bow Napkin Folding Tutorial
Adding bows to our holiday table this year with this easy napkin folding tutorial from Etsy seller thingstories 🎀 bows, holiday bows, napkin folding, napkin tutorial
DIY Macrame Ornaments
And now we want an entire tree covered in these macrame ornaments 👏 👏 👏 Find them at Etsy shop megsmodernmacrame macrame, DIY macrame, macrame tutorial, ornaments, DIY ornaments
Furoshiki Wine Wrap
Wrapped and ready to bring to your next party 💝 This large furoshiki from Etsy shop hanabeewraps turns your next hostess gift into something truly special
Painted Winter Mug
Is it even the holidays without a mug like this? Hand-painted in small batches by Etsy seller julenkaceramic 🌲 painting, paint inspiration, ceramic mug, holiday mugs, winter mugs
Fall Embroidery
Spooky or sweet? Maybe both! This ladybug pattern from Etsy shop aferahandmade feels just right for fall ✨ embroidery, embroidery patterns, DIY embroidery, stitching, fall embroidery
DIY Tiny Succulent Art
Looking for your next DIY? These tiny succulents can be made with air dry clay and are easy enough for the whole family to try 🌵🌵 Find the full tutorial from Etsy shop cooleblumen DIY project, tiny art, tiny succulents, succulent plants, indoor plants, clay art, family art
Pottery Reveal
If unloading the kiln with Etsy seller emilyhettart doesn’t brighten your day, we’re not sure what will. Those colors and shapes 🤌 pottery, pottery work, colorful pottery, pottery inspiration, ceramics, fall decor
Textured Flower Painting
🌸 Here’s hoping your day is as enchanting as this painting from Etsy shop marwaartstudio textured art, wall art, painting techniques, painting inspiration, floral painting, floral art, 3D art
DIY Summer Embroidery Patterns
The sweetest summer DIY courtesy of Etsy seller laineirenedesigns DIY embroidery, embroidery patterns, embroidery designs, embroidery tips, patchwork, DIY project, sewing
Make Your Own Clay Earrings
The level of detail here is incredible ✨ Create your own polymer clay flowers with these moulds from Etsy shop veeclaydesign clay earrings, polymer clay, clay moulds, summer earrings, floral earrings
DIY Embroidery Designs
DIY fans - who else wants to try this?! We're ordering these stick and stitch embroidery designs from Etsy seller homesteadandthread right now! . • DIY, embroidery, embroidery designs, embroidery patterns, embroidery tips, pattern
Upcycled Pieces Made to Art
Upcycled Pieces Made to Art A beautiful way to honor another artist and continue their craft. Feeling inspited by Etsy seller ystreetstudio and her upcycled art! . • upcycled art, recycled art, creative art, historical art, DIY art
Make a Stamp with Me
“I see lots of art process reels made with beautifully manicured hands… I think the hands of any artist are going to get pretty grubby and battered in reality. Anyway, each to their own, but here are my two hands making a little mini print and trying something for the first time.” - Etsy seller GraceGillespieart
DIY Punch Needle Kit
Pick up a punch needle kit from Etsy seller TheModernCrafter 🧶 . • punch needle, tufting, embroidery, knitting, punch needle DIY •
DIY Date Night Art
Love this as a DIY you can do at home with friends - girls night in anyone? Lovely kits from Etsy seller . • DIY art, date night, date night ideas, date activities, DIY home decor •
a wreath with green leaves and purple flowers on it that says spring wreaths to perk up your front door
Cheerful Spring Wreaths to Perk Up Your Front Door
There’s no better way to show the world you’re ready for spring than by hanging up a lush and lively wreath. From minimalistic versions to extra-lush floral styles, here are the handcrafted wreaths we’re loving this season.
Design a Sticker with Me
Angela, the maker behind Etsy shop ZaeWild, hopes to spread a little sunshine with her unique collection of vinyl stickers ☀️ . • digital art, sticker making, sticker ideas, sticker aesthetic, sticker design, aesthetic art •
Make a Macrame Handbag
This macramé bag is *reversible* so you can rock it with or without fringe 🙌 Once you’re done admiring Etsy shop cozyknotsdesign’s process, of course . • macrame, DIY macrame, how to macrame, knot tying tutorial, macrame bag •
DIY Natural Plant Dyes 🌱
Which natural dye do you want to try? 🌿 Etsy shop RebeccaDesnos shows us how to use natural materials to create the most beautiful colored dyes 🍁🌼🌱 . • DIY natural dye, plant dye, fabric dye, avocado fabric dye, eco friendly dye, reusable kitchen, kitchen tips •
two hands are working on an object with the words how to make a diy boho clay wall hanging
How to Make a DIY Boho Clay Wall Hanging
This pleasing home decor DIY strikes a relaxing balance for those looking for something both easy and engaging to occupy a slow Saturday. The actual hands-on portion involves soothing activities like rolling out clay and winding yarn into a tassel, but you’ll need two days total (hello, weekend!) to account for air drying the clay, during which time you can pamper yourself or work on other projects.
DIY Punch Needle Kit
Want to learn a new skill? This DIY kit from Etsy shop TheModernCrafter comes with everything you need to make your own punch needle pillow. 💕 . • punch needle, punch needle pillow, DIY kit, DIY punch needle, do it yourself kit, craft inspiration, home decor •
Flower Bundle Dyeing Reveal 🧡
The unveiling gets us every time 🌼 Naturally dyed with home-grown cosmos, coreopsis, marigold and black knight scabiosa by Amanda of Etsy shop Adbbotanicalcolor. . . • plant dye, DIY plant dye, flower dyeing, bundle dyeing, flower garden, natural plant dye, flower garden, natural plant dye, earth friendly •
DIY Dip Dye Candles Kit 🧡
We’ll just be over here learning to dip dye candles ✨ Everything you need in one beautiful kit from Etsy shop WolekenreichShop. . • DIY candles, candles aesthetic, dip dye, dip dye candles, candle making, candle decor, home decor, table decor, table setting •
DIY Punch Needle Kits ✨
Get started with punch tufting with Etsy seller Wholepunching’s DIY kits 🧶 . • tufting, punch needle, needle work, embroidery, tuft craft, tufting craft, DIY, DIY tufting •
Mesmerizing Hand-Dyeing Yarn Process
Hand-dyed yarn for your future project, coming right up from Etsy shop ifeellikedyeing 🧶 . • Yarn, knitting, fabric dye, fabric dyeing, fabric dye techniques, yarn crafts, yarn art •
Bright Rainbow Loom Inspiration 🌈
We were drawn to this weaving kit from Etsy shop TabbyandTweed by the bright colors, but we’re staying for the reusable mini loom. So many projects to be made 🙌 🧶 . • Mini loom, loom work, loom stitch, embroidery, knitting, crochet, loom knitting projects, loom knitting •
DIY Rainbow String Art
This rainbow string painting technique from Amanda of Etsy shop StudioTeal has us speechless 🤯 . • • Artwork, painting, paint, rainbow art, DIY projects, painting techniques, painting inspiration •
Finally getting my life organized in 2023
Now these are the organization tips we need coming into the new year 🎊 Labels from Etsy shop OceanStudioFL . New year, new year goals, new year organization, organizing tips, organizing hacks, kitchen organization, kitchen tips, kitchen labels, jar labels, pantry organization, pantry organization •
Another day in the studio for Sabrina of Etsy shop GoldandPalms ☀️
“As a Latina shopping for the perfect gift for family and/or friends not often did I walk in to a store and feel represented. How beautiful is it to see something on the shelf that is YOU, represents you, feels authentic to you. That is my goal with my shop, create beautiful handcrafted products that we can feel like it was made for us.” . • candles, candle making, candle inspiration, candle project, candle wax, candles aesthetic, candle decor, candle magic, candle making ideas, candle make studio, candle making business •
Glittery Handmade Paint
Did you also experience a state of awe watching this process of making watercolor paint? Find these handmade paint palettes from Akriti of Etsy shop TheoryTheShop 💫 . • Paint, painting, paint inspiration, glitter, art, art projects, artist, art inspiration, painting ideas, •
Slow down, get cozy, and create something new 🌙 ⭐️
Etsy shop Slow Evenings Embroidery has the downloadable embroidery pattern for your end of the year magic 🌙 . DIY kits, embroidery, DIY crafts, DIY gifts, embroidery designs, embroidery patterns, embroidery inspiration, crafts, crafts for adults, cozy fall aesthetic, cozy fall decor, cozy room decor, cozy room aesthetic, cozy house •
DIY Ornament Kits For Your Holiday Tree
Make memories with these DIY ornament kits from Etsy shop JillMakes ✨ . • holiday, holiday ornaments, DIY ornaments, DIY holiday decor, DIY gifts, ornaments DIY, ornaments for kids to make, ornaments DIY kids, ornaments design, holiday decor, painting, painting projects •
DIY Embroidery Patterns
Adding this sweet embroidery craft to our weekend to-do list as were cozied up this winter. Get your own from Etsy shop CraftyDreams 🧡 . • .DIY kits, embroidery, DIY crafts, DIY gifts, embroidery designs, embroidery patterns, embroidery inspiration, crafts, crafts for adults, cozy fall aesthetic, cozy fall decor, cozy room decor, cozy room aesthetic, cozy house
Knitting Mittens 🧶
Were you as nervous watching that as we were? 👀 🪡 Watch as Etsy seller Ekawear bravely knits her beautiful mittens. . • knitting, knitting patterns, knitting for beginners, knit fashion, knitting projects, knitting inspiration, knitted sweaters, knitting cast on, knit cast on methods •
DIY Holiday Embroidery Decor 🎄
This season curl up with a cozy winter blanket and soothing music to start your own DIY embroidery kit to celebrate the holidays. Find it from Etsy shop ByAlyPloof. . . • DIY kits, embroidery, DIY crafts, DIY gifts, embroidery designs, embroidery patterns, embroidery inspiration, crafts, crafts for adults, cozy aesthetic, cozy winter decor, cozy room decor, cozy room aesthetic, cozy house, holiday