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a woman's face is shown through three pieces of paper
| V.IE | For Vivid
a black and white photo of a woman's face with her eyes open in the shape of a triangle
"Mouth. Body Part In A Triangle." by Stocksy Contributor "BONNINSTUDIO "
an abstract black and white painting with squares, lines and rectangles on it
No Brash Festivity
two different colors of paper with one red and the other blue on top of each other
Marianne Beck creates a typeface out of neatly overlapped scraps
a woman standing in front of a white background with an abstract design on the cover
People Poster Design Series, Poster Art and Graphic Design Project by Zeka Design
Discover more design inspiration with my Minimalist Poster Design Series, check the full design project in my graphic design portfolio and see more poster art projects ideas. For this posters project I used the Digital Collage technique and minimalist design elements, if you want to get more design inspiration check my design projects! creative poster, design inspiration, best graphic design, graphic inspiration, creative poster design, art poster, poster ideas #poster #design #graphic #art
a red poster with black and white squares on it's face, the image shows a man's profile
Collage Artworks by Mike McQuade | Inspiration Grid
The latest from Inspiration Grid favorite Mike McQuade. Mike's studio is focused on creating smart, provocative, and conceptual work for editorial illustrations, covers, brands and various print and online visual communications. “Through constant exploration of typography, imagery and illustration, his work transcends style. Mike has been recognized by the Art Directors Club, Communication Arts, The New York Times and the AIGA for his work and is the recipient of the ADC Young...
four different colored photos with one woman's face in the middle
Glasses Poster Design Project Graphic Design Inspiration by Zeka Design
Hi,If you are looking for a highly professional eye catching Poster design to boost your sale in business, you are in a right place.Professional and MODERN Design For You: 100% High-Quality Expressive poster design 24 Hours Express Delivery (On demand) Unlimited re
four different posters with the same image on them, each showing an individual's face
a selection of graphic projects
/// Fabien Barral - Graphic Design and Art Direction Web Site
fragmentalia fragmentalis
an old poster with some type of architecture on it's side and the words around it
La bauhaus (historia)
El racionalismo arquitectónico, es la depuración de lo ya sobresaltado, dejando solamente lo esencial, lo práctico y funcional para cada situación (Característica de la arquitectura Bauhaus).
the cover of joy division and guests's album, featuring orange squares on black
Emotional Pictures