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an abstract photograph of a woman's face
Afro Portrait Experiment by Cris Plata
a woman's face is seen through the mirror in this black and white photo
ARgENTUM ~ 12 become 1
two different pictures with one woman's face and the other man's head
Alan Davies, State Library photographic curator, in photo finish
a piece of art that has been altered to look like it is floating in the air
an art work with multiple images of people
a man is shown with his face painted pink and blue
Etudes Beauté I
a woman's head with bright colored hair
a woman's face painted in blue and yellow with the cross painted on it
James Usill Journal
two women in black and white are facing each other with their heads turned to the same direction
Black and White Digital Portraits
Black and White Digital Portraits – Fubiz Media
a man with his face cut out to look like he is holding something in front of his face
Sliced Portraits
Sliced Portraits
black and white photograph of a woman's head with hair blowing in the wind
Surreal Art | Only Surrealism: Photo
a woman with black hair and multicolored makeup
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