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the app is showing an electronic device with buttons and knobs on it's screen
User interface inspiration | #623
Interface design inspiration
an iphone with the app on it's screen showing graphs and pies,
real_pixel.jpg by Bureau Oberhaeuser
Infographic Tab, arrowed bottom desc/content // Mobile UX / UI // Magna Global by Martin Oberhäuser
an image of a circular button with icons on it
Circle Menu + PSD
three different types of social buttons on a black surface with white text below them that says share
Share Spinner
two mobile phone screens with the same image on them
Fresh UI Inspiration in the Era of Google Material and Design Patterns
UI Inspiration
a cell phone with the word silk on it and an image of a woman's face
Silk_1.png by Afdzal Ahmad
Silk App - Log In Screen by Afdzal Ahmad
the front and back side of a mobile application
sign in + another user profile (E-commerce app)
sign in + another user profile (E-commerce app) by Prakhar Neel Sharma
an iphone with the words choose a service on it's screen and then click to see
two screens showing the user's profile and description page for a fashion store, with an image of a woman wearing a black coat
Inspirational UI Design 16 - UltraLinx
an image of the back side of a computer screen with different colors and shapes on it
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D-D Play - App Design | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
the website design is designed to look like an ipad
Weekly alarm clock app
I like the colour scheme here, and the geometrical aspect to it. Colours compliment each other and make the design stand out and catch your eye.