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a couch sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a stone wall and window
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diy pallets furniture - Google Search
a porch swing with pillows on it next to the ocean and an area rug that looks like wood
Something similar to this (maybe not quite a large) will be on my new porch for summer afternoon naps in the shade.
a wooden porch swing bed with pillows on it
Porch Swing Bed Full - Etsy
Porch Swing Bed Full by GODsRusticWorkshop on Etsy, $1,099.00
two little kids sitting on a swing bed in the middle of a porch with pillows
Modern porch swing bed. I need this immediately.
a porch swing with pillows on it next to the ocean and an area rug that looks like wood
London apartments, London Apartment Guide with pictures making it easy to see your apartment rental in London online.
a porch swing with pillows on it and potted plants hanging from the front door
Porch Swing - Cottage - deck/patio - Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray - Southern Living
Southern Living - decks/patios - Sherwin Williams - Intellectual Gray - porch swing, porch swing ideas, intellectual gray, taupe paint color...
a modern house with glass walls and sliding doors on the outside, surrounded by greenery
The Brown Residence / Lake|Flato Architects
fire pit
an outdoor living area with wicker furniture and stone fire pit in the center, surrounded by greenery
a backyard fire pit
backyard fire pit... love this shape for the fire pit!! <3 can get more people around it
a covered porch with wicker furniture and large windows
Private Residence 90 | Portfolio
Light and breezy patio. This is what I'd love to add to the deck, with stairs down to the patio below.
an outdoor hot tub in the middle of a garden
Luxury Garden Furniture
an outdoor dining table with candles on it and some chairs around it, in front of a tree
Garden furniture
an outdoor living area with couches and plants on the roof deck, surrounded by greenery
Design Daily - contemporary rustic bath
if i had a spot like this, I might never leave it.