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an abstract painting with white and blue shapes
Milton Avery: Simple Subjects in Complex Colors
a painting with trees and hills in the background
Milton Avery and The End Of Modernism by Karl Emil Willers | Incollect
a drawing of a farm with trees and hills in the background, on a piece of paper
Green Mountain Idylls: Milton Avery’s Vermont | Incollect
Fig. 9: Milton Avery (1885–1965), Untitled (Small Farm), 1937. Double-sided watercolor on paper, 22 × 30 inches. Collection of The Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation. © 2016 The Milton Avery Trust / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.
watercolor and ink painting of daffodils in a green vase on a table
May day
Lucky me. On two occasions during the day, friends walked through the door with flowers. And it's not even my birthday. Since I only got around to sketching this evening, I started with the daffodils which are more open and may not last as long.
a painting of some rocks and trees in the background with watercolor on paper below it
Art Country Canada Group Of Seven A. J. Casson
a painting of some rocks and trees on a hill side with snow in the foreground
Limited Edition A. J. Casson Lithograph Rock Study
"Rock Study"
an oil painting of a tree in the middle of a field with water and grass
John Northcote Nash, R.A. (1893-1977) , River in Winter | Christie's
a painting of a snowy landscape with trees
Winter Landscape by John Northcote Nash
Winter Landscape by John Northcote Nash
a drawing of a landscape with trees and hills
John Nash, R.A. (1893-1977) , Farm on a Hillside | Christie's
an oil painting of flowers in vases on a table with mountains in the background
Winifred Nicholson 1950s