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a blue stuffed animal with buttons on it's chest and legs, sitting on white fabric
Мишки Тедди выкройки мастер-классы | VK
a stuffed animal is sitting next to some books on a white surface with a book in it's lap
Лисёнок Патрик. Мк Елены Войнатовской.
a hand is holding up a cat pillow on a red wall with a pink background
Forever Alonso & Co.
Forever Alonso & co. on Behance
a small black and white teddy bear wearing a red scarf on top of a wooden table
a small toy elephant wearing a yellow shirt and blue checkered pants on top of a wooden table
Tenui: 20230820
two stuffed alligators dressed in clothes on a wooden table with one wearing a pink bow
Tenui: 2023
two small knitted animals standing next to each other
Tenui: 20220918
three small knitted animals sitting on top of a wooden table
a colorful stuffed animal sitting on top of a white sheet
Mam, Handmade Stuffed Toys, Stuffed Toys, Diy Doll, Breien
five wooden horses hanging from clothes pins
new work : hand stitched horses