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a small pine cone christmas tree sitting on top of a white mantle next to a mirror
32 Festive Ideas for Decorating with Pinecones
a vase filled with ornaments on top of a wooden table
DIY: Bind en yndig julekugle
christmas ornaments hanging from a pine tree
Christmas crafting | Second Sunday of Advent - Boråstapeter
christmas decorations hanging from a window sill
Ein starkes STÜCK
several jars with labels on them are sitting on a wooden stand and surrounded by greenery
DIY Adventskranz Upcyclingkranz
a christmas tree is decorated with lights and greenery in the shape of a triangle
No Tree? No Problem! - Funny
three glass bottles with plants in them sitting on a window sill next to candles
Weihnachtsdeko-Ideen: 10 neue Trends
there are four candles with plants in them on top of a book and some yarn