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a glass bowl filled with small birds and moss on top of a table next to a wall
Spring Cloche-Liz style!!
an image of a basket with flowers in it on the webpage for crafts and sewing
Replace your Spring Wreath with a unique Basket Idea
Using a shallow tub basket from Roof Basket Works, will make an adorable door decoration
an arrangement of flowers and eggs in a glass vase on a gray surface with moss
purple and white pansies are tied to moss
Des oeufs en mousse pour une déco 100% nature
a bird's nest with three white eggs in it on top of sheet music
New Creations
Shadow box/frame with sheet music background + twig/moss nest and eggs.
a glass clochet with plants and rocks in it sitting on a table next to a lamp
Dining Room Buffet and a new Tablerunner
common ground : Dining Room Buffet and a new Tablerunner