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an image of a knitted pattern on a cell phone screen, with the text in thai
Пуловер с сердечками, узоры
an orange knitted sock with holes in the middle and buttons at the bottom, sitting on top of a person's lap
Owlie Socks pattern by Julie Elswick Suchomel
someone is wearing white knitted socks and pink pants with buttons on the bottom,
Suloiset Pöllövillasukat (sis. ohje)
Villasukat matkalaukussa: Suloiset Pöllövillasukat (sis. ohje)
the knitting pattern is shown in two different colors
Lace knitting
a close up of a knitted dishcloth
Free Knitting Patterns - Leaves stitch Knitting Pattern
the knitting pattern is shown in green and white, with two rows of stitches on each side