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two children are playing on the floor made out of cardboard
Bonhomme de brique
What a good idea!
a bee house with numbers on the side
Insect Hotels - Learning Landscapes Design
Insect hotel - Sustainable ideas including an explanation of the materials used, which insects they provide a habitat for and why you want that insect.
a little boy that is sitting in front of a table with some flowers on it
Autumn-A Season with Many Opportunities
Autumn-A Season with Many Opportunities - pumpkins - nature scenes on the light table- The Extraordinary Classroom ≈≈
two pieces of fabric with leaves on them hanging from the ceiling in front of a window
Foliage Collage and Color Tissue Paper, Henri Matisse
From visual art instructor blog: Foliage Collage and Color Tissue Paper, inspired by Henri Matisse' tree of life
Sticky Tongue Frog Craft - Kids Activities Blog Activities For Kids, Pre K, Teething, Oral Motor Activities, Therapy Activities, Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Therapy, Speech And Language, Pediatric Therapy
Sticky Tongue Frog Craft with Party Blower
Sticky Tongue Frog Craft - Kids Activities Blog
the life cycle of a frog is shown in three different pictures, including an open case and
Frog Life Cycle Craft
like the idea for reusing wipe flip tops... maybe could use the same idea for a phonics/reading project, or numbers (number on the outside, picture of that many under the flap, etc..)...omeschool #preschool #nature
the frog in the bog book activities
Activities to go with Books by Karma Wilson
Frog Activities to go along with Karma Wilson's A Frog in the Bog
a handprinted tree is displayed on the wall
A class "custom creation" for the school auction- I want to do this idea with an art nouveau twist!